Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Its been a long time...

I have neglected my duties when it comes to keeping up with my blogging. I will blame it on the holiday, family in town or too much tasty food...well maybe not the last one. Any how I am back to my blogging duties.
I had a wonderful holiday with the family. It was Rylee's first Christmas and she really could have cared less since she wasunder 3 months. Now it was a different story for my oldest Reagan. She is 2 1/2 and every little decoration, ordainments on the tree, and light outside took her breath away. It was awesome to watch her enjoy Christmas. My parents were in town for a few weeks and I took full advantage of the extra hands as I have two little girls. Now that they are gone it has been an adjustment trying to get back into the routine of things.
Looking to the future. I am excited about the new year. I have ordered new backdrops and have some fun new props and I am planning to do a fewmini shoots this year...most likely one for every season. This spring I will be doing 30 min sessions at one of the parks in the Mandarin area. When I have all the detail I will let you know. I am excited for a wonderful 2011.
My daughter looking at the lights on our house...priceless!!

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